NFL Players and Owners Coming To Their Collective Senses?

It looks like everyone may have finally agreed (or darn well near) on how to divvy up the NFL Cash Cow. It’s about time!

One really interesting point in all of the labor negotiations is the short term free agent mess.

The players currently are unwilling to grant NFL teams extra right-of-first-refusals on this year’s free agent class, because many of those free agents were restricted under last year’s uncapped system. Owners have asked that they have the right to designate three free agents whose contracts with other teams they would have the right to match.

I am really curious to see how this plays out as the Falcons offensive line could be greatly impacted.

What happens if, under the new collective bargaining agreement, three-fifths of the Falcons’ starting offensive line is granted unrestricted free agency? Will the Falcons move to keep all three — Tyson Clabo, Harvey Dahl and Justin Blalock? Will they settle for two of the above? One of the above? Who would replace the incumbents? Understudies Garrett Reynolds and Mike Johnson? Can a team poised for a Super Bowl run afford to change so much up front at such a late date?

I really haven’t fretted too much over this due to the downer that is the lost NFL off-season – no real camps, no free agent signings, no rookie holdouts (OK, not so much on that one), early June cap casualties, etc.

I also didn’t bother to write about the Falcons off-season, draft, or schedule – it just didn’t seem to matter. Hopefully that changes soon because I love the NFL and love writing about my beloved Falcons!


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