PSP Still Has Legs

Well, at least in Japan. I think it is interesting that the PSP is still managing strong sells in the face of the upcoming Vita and of course the 3DS.

Of course Sony could be heavily discounting the PSP or offering pack-ins, or other incentives; or maybe all three. In fact yesterday I received some Sony propaganda for a PSP-3000 deal (Japan must have something similar). The PSP-3000 Limited Edition Entertainment Pack includes Gran Turismo, MLB 11: The Show, and a 2GB memory stick PRO; all this is yours for $159 MSRP, which is actually a pretty solid deal for anyone needing a PSP replacement or just late to the PSP party.

I have been considering getting one of my boys a PSP; thinking they will go even lower in the final days before Vita, which will happen to be in the headwinds of the Christmas shopping season.


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