PlayStation 3 Slim bundles to the rescue!

During my PS3 YLoD research and project I started looking at the PS3 Slim model. Since mid May Amazon has not had PS3 systems in stock; all PS3 systems listed were via third party sellers. The same is true for some other online retailers; the PS3 Slim is in short quantities. As E3 draws near, and in the case of Amazon and Game Stop, Father’s Day, it looks like some PS3 stock is finally going to be released. Please note that not all of these new bundles are created equally.

  • MLB 10: The as available “in stores” only.
  • Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition and HDMI cable Amazon. This set is available for pre-order; shipping June 12.
  • Uncharted 2 Bundle from Best Buy.
  • God of War IIIGame Stop “Father’s Day Bundle. Please note that the description shows an AV cable, not HDMI, and Game Stop is price gouging, listing their bundle at $399.98.

Other retailers will probably have similar bundles, which in general are good deals since the most recent 250GB PS3 Slim system price was $349.99. A pack-in game is a good value and reminiscent of the old days of console gaming when every system included a game.

I have not done enough research to confirm, but I believe that the most recent 250GB Slim systems included an HDMI cable. If not, the Amazon system is the best deal. It is at least worth noting that the Amazon screen shot does show the game and the HDMI cable.

It is also worth speculation that Amazon and Game Stop are calling their bundles “Father’s Day” which either implies timing (it is before Father’s Day) or these systems are expected to be in short supply, selling out in a matter of days, and eliminating the need to carry the bundle past Father’s Day. Color me with a shade of Oliver Stone.

I hope those of you looking for a Slim avoid Game Stop. It is absolutely ridiculous that they are $50 higher than everyone else. Then again, if you are planning to pick up God of War III, maybe you do not care about the higher price compared to the other bundles.

So now we know why these systems have been in short supply. Sony has let the current production run clear in other to make way for a fresh batch of Slim models, complete with games, that they can announce at E3 – “Look what we are doing for PlayStation fans …”

It will be interesting to see if these new Slim models hold any improvements over the most recent Slim systems, or if we are going to see an E3 announcement of manufacturing improvements coming this fall.


Sunday Afternoon Edit – Also found this bundle at EBGames:  MX vs ATV Reflex for $389.97.


2 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Slim bundles to the rescue!”

  1. HDMI cables are cheap enough so not a big deal.

    Wonder if there could be a price cut this year. Sales were down last year and projected to be down this year as well.

    I think they’re hoping the motion controllers buoy sales. Otherwise, don’t know why they’re introducing such expensive peripherals this late in the cycle — heard the Natal one could be $150?

    There will probably be bundles with the motion controllers but haven’t really paid attention to which games will support these controllers. Tiger Woods for Ps3 and X360, probably.

    You’re probably right that the replayability of God of War 3 is limited but it’s suppose to be one of the best-looking games of this gen. Uncharted 2 was good for a rental too so maybe I’ll do Gamefly again.

  2. HDMI cables are cheap … unless you are an ignorant consumer shopping at Best Buy or Game Stop. They will sell you the top $$$ brand when something cheaper will do just fine for most home A/V systems.

    My problem with the GameStop God of War III deal is that the price is clearly taking advantage of consumers that do not know to shop around. You could pick up the Target, Best Buy, or Amazon bundle *and* God of War III for $39.99 at Amazon (and receive a $10 video game credit) for less than the price of the GameStop bundle.

    I doubt that the new motion controllers will be add as pack-ins until 2011. Accessories are highly profitable, so I am sure MS and Sony will do what they can to get money from current consumers before throwing in the new gadgets to chase future consumers.

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