PSP – One Last Chance For Glory

As mentioned earlier, today is travel day. I cannot think of the last time I turned on my PSP, so if it does not get much use on this trip, it is high time to ditch the little brick. There is not a direct flight from Atlanta to Calgary, so I am going west (Salt Lake City) before heading north to the frozen lands of Canada. With a combined 6+ hrs in the air plus a layover, you would think that the PSP would be the perfect way to pass the day. There is also the return adventure on Friday; some PSP gaming must be in order, right?

I charged up both batteries, which in my opinion is the primary weakness of the PSP – the battery life basically sucks. I have a handful of UMDs at my disposal – Lumines, Final Fantasy Tactics, two different Pinball Hall of Fame collections, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Loco Roco, Untold Legends, Pangya, and Wipeout Pure.

Taking 7-10 UMDs with me makes me think about the appeal of a PSPgo with a digital library. Not too much; just a passing thought as I write this article. To be honest I am just not that excited about my current library of PSP games. Hopefully something will float my boat and make the trip pass a little quicker.


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