Preorder Madden 11 – Get $20 Gift Card at Wal-Mart

This morning I was responding to some propaganda spam from EA; this year you get to vote for the Madden 11 cover athlete. I voted so I would get a chance to win the 2010 draft day package; that would be an awesome prize to win!

Following the Madden 11 pre-order link takes you to a Wal-Mart deal where you get a $20 gift card. I have never ordered games from Wal-Mart, so I have no idea how they stack up to amazon – do you get games on release day, how much is shipping, etc. I am not even sure that I will order Madden 11 (yeah, right) because for once I think the current version can hold me over for a while. I showed will power and did not order NCAA Football 10 (that franchise has become garbage) so there is a precedent.


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