Falcons to remain in downtown ATL?

Forget the point about politicians having something better to do than worry about the Falcons, the Georgia Dome, or both. If you put that issue aside for a moment I am happy to see that some folks are actively working to keep the Falcons downtown.

State Rep. Mark Burkhalter (R-Johns Creek) is sponsoring HB 903, which would move the sunset date of the taxes, currently pegged at 2020, to 2045. The bill also stipulates that the extension is contingent upon keeping the Falcons on the campus of the state-operated Georgia World Congress Center, the Dome’s current home.

The article goes on to say that the Falcons are part of the overall Atlanta package/experience, so keeping the Falcons downtime is vital to the economic prosperity of the City of Atlanta.

I am not sure about the last point, but as a longtime fan and (in recent years) season ticket holder, I like the current Georgia Dome location. I can get to game within 90 minutes, and while the parking situation is not ideal, if you pay for a pass to a decent lot, there are more than enough opportunities for a fun tailgating experience. If the Falcons moved north, it could (would) tack on an additional 30-60 minutes of driving time from Columbus depending on the ultimate location.

I know it is not all about me, but I want the Falcons to remain downtown. I am also not too crazy about a new stadium because I am sure that will result in PSL type deals, which may put season tickets out of my reach. If and when the Falcons do get a new stadium deal I hope they go with the retractable roof model. Georgia does not have a ton on inclement weather, but it would be nice to have the best of both worlds. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine when the weather is nice, but close up things when it is nasty outside.


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