SEC Predictions (Interlude)

No SEC action today, so a quick moment of reflection on this SEC Bowl season.

Yesterday was not a good day for my picks; losses included South Carolina and Arkansas, both of which I said I should not pick. Oh well, live and learn. My sole winner was Ole Miss.

The only pick I have left is for all the marbles. Alabama is the one SEC team that I really do not want to win. Well, actually I did not want Arkansas (their coach is a f’ing wanker), South Carolina (cannot stand the fighting chickens), Florida (ugh!), Tennessee, or Auburn to win, but I digress. I am of the school that you pull for the conference, not the actual teams. A healthy SEC makes Georgia look better; at least in my own little world.

Of course none of this matters for a couple of reasons. First, with the BCS all the other teams and games are relegated to second class citizens. Except for maybe the Rose Bowl; elitists never conform. Second, the Mountain West Conference has kicked the shit out of all takers, winning this year’s Bowl Challenge Cup, with one more game to plan. Then again, it is all comes down to Texas/Alabama, so no one really cares about the MWC’s impressive record.

Regular Season Record: 46-41
SEC Championship: 0-1
SEC Bowl Record: 4-5
Final Record: 50-47

SEC Bowl Record: 5-4 *Actual, not my predictions


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