SEC vs. Big 12?

I admit that I am a card carrying SEC bigot – all other conferences are second rate at best. This blogger thinks that the Aggies performance against the Bulldogs is a sign that that SEC is superior (top to bottom) over the Big 12.

“Aggies QB Jerrod Johnson finished 29-for-58 for 362 passing yards and two touchdowns against the Dogs, but hardly looked like the player who attracted so much attention for his showing against Texas.

What was the difference? Part of it might have been that his performance against the Longhorns was juiced by it being a rivalry game. But it’s hard not to conclude that a bigger factor was that he wasn’t going up against a Big 12 defense. Georgia’s defensive front harried Johnson all night long and while he made some nice plays, he also looked rattled on more than one occasion and made some bad decisions. Johnson only had six picks all season before this game, but Georgia snagged two and could have had three more.”

It is hard for me not to concur, at least to some degree, but I also have a hard time trying to put up a mediocre UGA team against a 6-6 Texas A&M team as a comparison of conferences. I am not sure the Cotton Bowl (Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma St) is all that much better as a barometer. I am also far from convinced that the Tide will roll over the Longhorns.


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