Another what to do with your UMDs after you purchase a PSP Go article.

PSPWorld recently posted an article about the problem Sony faces with current PSP owners that want to upgrade to a PSP Go. How does a gamer that invested many duckets in UMDs get the games transferred to a PSP Go?

How will users who already own an older model of PSP transfer their UMD games to the 16GB internal storage of the PSP Go? Surely, Sony can’t expect us to buy all of our old games again in digital form, so they must be considering various options to placate those gamers with a big pile of UMDs.

The problem for Sony is that there might not be all that many new customers out there who have been on the fence about the PSP all this time simply because of the presence of the optical disk format. Undoubtedly, the real target customer for Sony’s new PSP model is pre-existing PSP owners like you and I, who wouldn’t mind upgrading to a new model if it contained the right features. In order to get some of us on board, Sony needs a system for transferring old UMD games to the PSP Go.

The article then goes on to offer three suggestions. An external UMD drive – this is almost ridiculous. A code redemption program – plausible, but I do not think this route will be offered as a solution. And finally, a mail-in program – this is very likely for two reasons. First, Sony controls who gets a digital version of a UMD game. Second, Sony can turn around and dump the UMDs in the 2600 ET grave.


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