First PSP Go review?

T3 gives the yet to be released PSP Go 3 stars (out of 5). The article pretty much tells you everything that you have already read here and elsewhere, but there is a brief two minute video of the PSP Go in use with a rather attractive host. I guess that is something.

If you’ve got a big UMD library, you might want to wait and see what Sony offers existing PSP users. It’s hinted that it will bring in some kind of sweetener for anyone trading in their old PSP and assures us that most of the back catalogue will be available for download – presumably for free if you already own the relevant UMDs. The ideal would be some sort of software to convert your UMDs for Go play, but as that would raise all manner of piracy “issues” for Sony, don’t hold your breath.

For me this is still the open question about the PSP Go. How is Sony going to help out owners those owners that have a decent library of UMD games? If necessary, I can sell my PSP-1000 on eBay; I do not need that to be part of some special trade-in deal unless the deal is too good to pass up. What about the UMDs? I guess we will have to wait a little longer to see how Sony responds.


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