Reviews for grannies.

Wii Sports Resort was recently reviewed at usatoday earning 5 stars (out of 5).

We tested this game with players across generations, including an 88-year-old grandmother and kids of many ages. And while not every game was a slam-dunk winner, every game was enjoyable to explore. No one ever felt like they couldn’t play (although the canoeing was particularly challenging for some) and all of our testers developed their favorites. All thought the archery game was impressive because it felt realistic (including having to adjust for wind), and everyone loved the one called “Frisbee Golf.” For families with young children, you might want to skip the swordplay as it has mild cartoon violence.

I have not seen any overly critical reviews of Wii Sports Resort. My kids finished up their summer sticker charts today, so Wii Sports Resort will be a weekend purchase.


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