PS3 repair update.

I received an email yesterday afternoon that Sony had received my PS3. The email indicated that turnaround time is typically 7-10 business days. If you tack on another 3-4 days for return shipping, it looks like I am going to be without a Blu-ray player (sorry, gaming system) until the end of July. As my grandmother would have said, that is a hell of a note.


2 thoughts on “PS3 repair update.”

  1. I got about 10 unopened Blu-Rays and a bunch more DVDs.

    Find myself watching TV more or recording HD movies on one of the premium channels and watching them.

    But I did recently get a trial Netflix membership and didn’t want to pay the extra for Blu-Ray rentals.

    My PS3 fan gets loud during the summer upscaling a DVD.

  2. That bitch is about to blow!

    Seriously, my fan has never been very loud, even when playing DVDs. I bet your Blu-ray drive is about to go out on you.

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