Sunday Stuffs Springs Back!

First, I hate springing forward. The only good thing about setting the clock forward an hour is that my kids have no idea the time has changed. For one morning this year they will actually sleep until 7:30AM. Joy. OK, the grumps are now out of me; onto the stuffs!

Facebook takes over the world.
Or damn near close. I guess I must be the last man standing when even Representative Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia, 3rd District) has a Facebook page – “Congressman Lynn Westmoreland” Interesting, but not interesting enough to get me to bump CG from the map.

Georgia Baseball
Would you believe that last week the Georgia baseball Bulldogs were #3 in the land? It is true. Georgia is off to a rip roaring start; 11-0, which easily surpasses their previous best start of 9-0 years and years ago. Nineteen naught nine or some such. Like I said, Georgia has never started this well. SEC play opens this Friday in Tuscaloosa.

Georgia Basketball
Thank goodness the regular season is over, because it has been a downright dreadful season. It is not like anyone thought the Bulldogs were going to storm through the SEC, but did anyone think it would be this pitiful? Last night, in their home final, Georgia stunk up the join, getting slammed by the Fighting Chickens 68-51. The Bulldogs now get to limp into the SEC Tourney for one last embarrassing game before closing the books on a dreadful 12-19 season (3-13 in SEC play). No 4-0 Tournament run this year. Moving on …

Other stuffs
I actually have a lot more stuff (err … stuffs) to write about, but I am going to wrap up this post. Should have a couple of entries on airgunning, bird watching, and of course more Falcons off season news. Maybe later today. Depends on the weather.


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