Blah Blogging

It has been kind of a “blah” week or two for blogging and gaming.  I have not played much of anything lately, but plan to get back into Uncharted and purchase MLB 08 The Show (PS3) in the very near future.

Last weekend I did see a couple of great John Wayne movies in HD (I forget the channels).  I was doing some channel surfing and noticed that Charter had added several new HD channels, but still not NFL Network.  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and Rio Bravo are classics, and even more enjoyable in HD.

Not sure WTF the Falcons are doing picking up Joey Harrington again.  I guess he was cut just to save some salary cap room, but it is not like he is going to compete for the starting job.  I plan to do a Falcons pre-draft off season report fairly soon.  Stay tuned.

ESPN Radio is reporting that the Falcons will trade CB Hall to the Raiders for a 2008 second round pick.  If this is true, it is somewhat disappointing.  I thought Atlanta would be able to pull of a first round pick (this year or next) for Hall, but I guess a second round pick is better than nothing.  That will give the Falcons three second round picks this year.

It’s a good time of year for racing fans.  NASCAR is in full swing, and F1 is starting up.  I fell asleep watching Aussie qualifying last night, not because it was boring, but because I am getting too damn old to stay up late to watch F1.  I guess that means no chance to see the race tonight.

Thankfully SPEED’s coverage of 12 Hours of Sebring is in my sweat spot.  I cannot say that I really understand all the differences between the American Le Mans and other GT endurance racing, but I enjoy watching prototypes and GT classes battling it out on the same track.  The diesel Audi and Peugeot cars look fantastic.  The Ferraris are beautiful and I always pull for Corvette racing (lovely cars).  The Porsches are also nice cars.  I could go on and on.  Watching Sebring while sitting in an oversized chair, drinking a cold one, while getting the baby to sleep is a great way to pass the day.

Next up – more airgun discussion.


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