Christmas (the day after stuffs edition)

More random goodness to get you through the week; you know you need this stuff.

The kids got a Wii, complete with Madden 08, Wii Play (for the extra remote and nunchuk), LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga, and Super Mario Galaxy. I have only had about 10-15 minutes with Wii Sports, but hopefully the kids will let me get some time in later this week.

My oldest got a crimson and black Nintendo DS Lite (with Zelda Phantom Hourglass) and my second born son got a polar white (or whatever that color is called) DS with New Super Mario Brothers. The crimson and black DS Lite was a nice upgrade over the larger DS; my middle child went crazy over his DS because it is a huge upgrade over his hand-me-down GBA. He loves Mario, so I think he is in heaven. Playing the DS is about all he wanted to do the last couple of days.

No games for me this year. I just have not been in a video game mood, or grove, or whatever. I usually do not have time to play, and lately when I do, I have been spending time outdoors plinking with my airgun. Besides, the Wii was really a family present, so I can always give that a go if I get a jones for something new.

WoW is still fun, but is it worth $15 per month? I certainly do not get my money’s worth, but it still has that “five more minutes to see what is next” feeling to it.

Christmas Eve I got a replacement Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray from Disney. That is great customer service (see previous Pirates/Disney article for background info).

Crosman customer service contacted me today to say that I could return my Sierra Pro for repair (or replacement). The gun is working now, but because it did have problems, I think I am going to send it in for repairs.

My wife let me order a Beeman R7 from Pyramyd Air for my Christmas present. The damage report on the order: the R7, 1″ B-Square (25020) see-thru high rings, and a 6×32 mini AO Bug Buster 2 scope. As part of the standard “order 3 tins, get 1 free” I picked up three new types of new pellets to feed the R7: Beeman Trophy Lightweight Round Nose (7.88 gr), Beeman Silver Bear hi-impact (7.1 gr), and Beeman Silver Sting Pointed (8.61 gr). I also got a tin of Beeman Crow-Magnum pellets (8.80 gr), but I already have some of those, so they were not really new.

I will write more about the gun later.

We get Texas and the Holiday Bowl tomorrow. Finally; about time real Bowls started.

All for now.


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