Conan (PS3) Demo Impressions

I am not sure what to make of the Conan demo.  On one hand, I guess I should be thankful that we are getting demos.  On the other hand, let’s just say that I need to withhold judgment on this one for a little while.

Conan is pure hack and slash carnage.  I cannot recall a game that has this much blood, guts, beheadings, dismemberments, and then some.  If you want to see an M rated game; here you go.

Supposedly the game is going to have nudity, which is another reason for the M rating, and I am sure that some well rendered breast will help push a few copies.  If the opening scene in the demo is any indication, we are in for a treat.  When the scantily clad vixen asks Conan if he would “serve” a woman, his reply is classic “Service” smiles “Aye”  Good stuff.

I have read comparisons to the God of War titles and Heavenly Sword, but I have played neither, and it has been a while since I owned a true hack and slash game.  The demo seems a little rough around the edges, the graphics, while stylistic (Dark Horse comic book like), and are not really top notch for a PS3 title.  I am sure that the Xbox 360 version will look tons better, because that is pretty much how all the ports work these days.  It is just a damn shame that the developers do not hold this one back for another 4-6 weeks to pretty things up, and still make the holiday season.

This is a game I want to like.  I enjoy Conan – from the Robert E. Howard novels to the Conan the Barbarian movie (a staple of all males my age).  I am just not so sure about this game.  I know there are going to be combos and some strategy involved with the fighting action, but I also know that I just mashed buttons in the demo.  I do not need a game to see boobs, so that novelty will wear thin quickly.  It is also hard to justify “trying something out” for a $59.99 price point, which for this gamer, makes a huge difference over the PS2 days of $39.99-49.99 games.


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