NCAA 08 – Long Season Ahead?

I got to put in a few minutes of NCAA 08; 3 quarters to be precise, and my first impressions are not pretty. Let me rephrase this; I suck at the game. UGA vs. GA Tech; it should not have been so bad for the Bulldogs.

From a cosmetic standpoint, I have no idea about the 30 fps vs. 60 fps deal. The game ran smoothly, with no stuttering or slowdown. The graphics, while certainly pretty at 720p, seemed to be more cartoonish instead of realistic. I guess this has something to do with the vivid colors. It bothers me that the players look like they are on top of the grass instead of actually playing on the grass. Cosmetic and all, so I guess it does not really matter.

On to things that matter. If I have Matthew Stafford, I should be able to pass the f’ing ball with some success. I can chalk up some of my mishaps to just not having the timing down on a new game, but that can only take us so far. I could not believe my eyes when I watch a reply of the ball hitting my receiver’s facemask, and then falling to the ground. The announcers made a comment about the great defensive play, but give me a break. My dude dropped the ball.

I had a solid six sacks, and went something like 4-10 before Stafford was knocked out of the game. Blake Barnes did not do much better, going 2-6 before I had to stop playing, down 20-3 at the end of the 3rd qtr. I know Georgia’s receivers are not top flight, but I hope things will get better once I get the hang of the game.

I hate the new play calling screen; it is too damn limiting to only see four plays at a time. Once again minor stuff, but I suffered through several delay of games just trying to find a decent play.

The pre-play options on offense and defense are pretty nice. On defense you can easily setup a LB blitz and call for certain pass coverage.

I do not mean to be negative, but these are very first impressions. It is kind of bad coming from me, because I am normally all about a new release of NCAA Football. Hopefully more time and effort will provide for a better experience.


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