The Day the WoW Died

I have a lot of time to write posts today because I am part of the great World of Warcraft Blackout of ’07. Those of us in the Southwestern part of the United States that use Cox Internet services (and brands that use Cox like SuddenLink) haven’t been able to connect to our main character servers for over 24 hours now. That’s what is odd – the main character server part. I can log into every other WoW server, just not the one with my main characters.

Blizzard’s game developing skills are as good as their customer service is bad. Roughly 1,000 posts later (I am not making this up) Blizzard officially acknowledged on the log-in page that Cox users in the Southwest are having problems logging in. No informative posts in their technical support forum. No attempts to calm the masses. Nothing.

Luckily my office internet connection isn’t through Cox so I was able to get a quick fix earlier today. Hopefully this issue will be resolved before the shakes come back.


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