SEC Preview (Week 11)

Last week was bad on a lot of fronts.  First, there was the crap performance by my beloved Dawgs.  Second, I was a horrible 3-4, which was my first losing week on the season.  Totals sit at 61-15 going into Week 11.

Vanderbilt – Kentucky
This is actually an interesting game of SEC has-beens.  Vanderbilt is really playing batter each week, but their record (4-6, 1-5 SEC) does not reflect their hard work.  Of course their crown jewel win over Georgia does not look so hot.  Same for Kentucky, but they appear to have turned the preverbal corner (5-4, 3-3 SEC), needing this win today to qualify for a bowl appearance.  I think the Commodores are the better team, but I am going to pull for the Wildcats in this one.

South Carolina – (6) Florida
This one means more to Spurrier than Florida, but I doubt that the Gamecocks have enough for the Gators.  A close one, hard fought and all that, but this one goes to Florida.

Alabama – (12) LSU
The Tide earned the SEC Shame of the Week Award last week with their horrible loss to Mississippi State.  Yes, it really was worse than Georgia going down to the Wildcats.  LSU had a great win over Tennessee, and I do not expect even a hit of a let down.  The Tigers will completely spank the elephants, which is going to make Shula even more miserable.

(13) Tennessee – (11) Arkansas
Is Arkansas the real deal?  Tonight we will find out, and while I never pull for Arkansas, I think I will pick them for the victory tonight.

Georgia – (3) Auburn
Any chance for an upset?  It has happened before, but I do not expect it to happen today.  I just hope Georgia can have a somewhat expectable showing.  Sigh … lets just get the season over with already, lick our wounds, and get ready for next year.  What the hell; always the homer, Georgia pulls off a shocker by somehow getting a running game established, and only turning over the ball once, resulting in a 23-22 win.

Go Dawgs!


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