Weekend Notes

The weekend has been fairly full, with lots of things going on (real life, sports, gaming, the whole gambit); let’s get right down to business.

SEC Wrap Up (Week 5)
I was a perfect 7-0 on the weekend (38-5) on the season. Even if some of my predictions (from a final score stand point) were off, the final W or L is all that matters. I know the Dawgs keep telling themselves that. Go ahead, keep on telling yourself that the offense will get on track. Tennessee looms.

Falcons Get Back on Track
While Atlanta took care of Arizona 32-10, there has to be some concern about the passing game. It is clear that the Falcons can run a lesser opponent into the ground (262 rushing yards today compared to 31 for the Cardinals), but a decent opponent (i.e. the Saints last Monday) are going to give the Falcons fits.

I am one of the pundits that believe that you have to look at Vick’s numbers in a different light, but 13-22 passing (no TDs and one INT); good for 153 yards is not going to get it against a good team. Even if you consider Vick’s 101 rushing yards on 11 carries, do you really want your QB putting in 100 yards on the ground?

This approach may be working now, but how much longer can Atlanta depend on a dominate ground attack, without some hint of a passing game? I am a homer, so I am not going to get off the bandwagon, but still, problems have to be just around the corner.

Braves are Done. Long Live the Braves!
Atlanta Braves 2006 LogoSo the Braves’ run is officially over. While they have been dead in the water, out of the NL East, and out of the Wildcard picture for a while, the Braves’ dominance of the NL East was not over until today. It was a hell of a ride for Cox and company. Thanks for the memories!

I know that many sports fans are going to going to judge the Braves as the Buffalo Bills of baseball, but that comparison is unfair. While the Braves did win 14 division titles in a row, with only one World Series title in hand, unlike the Bills, they did finish the deal, if only once. Like I said, it was a hell of a run, and really made me proud to be a Braves fan.

WoW Update
Let me just say that I have been putting some time into the game. I think I may have backed into being a PC gamer by accident. Seriously, I can do this WoW thing on my laptop, in the living-room, while watching TV, or otherwise visiting with the family. Sort of like one of the benefits of handheld gaming.

I will probably write more about my WoW experiences later, but for now know that I have spent some time getting Tuldar (dwarf hunger, L9), Faltutin (gnome mage, L6), and Kaldur (dwarf priest, L7) started on their WoW journey. There is still a ton of stuff that I am not sure about (how much do guilds matter, how long can I play solo, will Kaldur and Dwarn have a successful career as a gaming team, will I really pay $14.95/month, will I get bored with the game, and then some), not to mention all the game mechanics, but I am learning and having fun in the process.


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