Slowly But Surely

People generally do not like change. Particularly people who play baseball text-sims. I think we’ve grown very comfortable in our Out of the Park Baseball 6.5 world. I know how to win, the strategies to use that lead to success, and pretty much have it down to a science. So why would I want to leave my certain paths to victory?

Because it is very boring. That’s about it.

Along comes OOTPB 2006 and is (a) difficult to initially set up, (b) more difficult to navigate through, (c) much more complex, and (d) I now have to figure out how to win whenever I please. Jonathan knows satire, because our transition to OOTPB 2006 has been anything but “fun.” The hardest part so far is dealing with the real time nature of the game and getting owners to understand how to initially install league files. Moving from one three letter file (zip) to another type (tar) is a paradigm shift of great proportions for some.

But it is all very, very exciting.

In many ways it probably is best to start an OOTPB 2006 league from scratch with new owners. They will already have a feel for the new game in ways that those being transitioned won’t initially grasp. Some of the best ideas I’ve received about rules, etc. in OOTPB 2006 came from owners who never played OOTP 6.5.

We have a very dedicated group in my league, so their enthusiasm for online baseball greatly makes up for the transition issues we are having. I know that once we are finished, the league will be stronger than before. My first advise to other league commissioners is to set up an initial installation guide. Many owners were able to install the league file with no problem after I created one for my league.

Now we wait for the new patch next week before things get even more interesting!


2 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely”

  1. Oh yes my friend, I do know fun when I see it looking me square in the eyse. :)

    I know it is a pain in the a$$, but it will be worth the effort. I would never call myself average with OOTPB6.5, so it is going to be good stuff moving to OOTPB2006.

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