The Transition Begins!

My online league will begin to switch over to Out of the Park Baseball 2006 next week. I’ll keep you posted. We decided to contract from 32 teams to 28 in order to get rid of some of the dead wood. The owners that remain are a pretty hardcore lot who have been with the league for many years. We are currently advertising for an opening in our league. I’ve had a few nibbles, but nothing on the hook yet. I think it’s very important to select good, active owners for a league and over the years I’ve been able to tell who fits the bill. If interested, drop me a line.

Our transition is complicated by a contraction draft, but otherwise there don’t seem to be too many issues with the online portion of the game. We’re still looking at things like how OOTPB 2006 handles team finances, but I don’t think we’ll have too many problems to adjust to.

However, stay tuned….


3 thoughts on “The Transition Begins!”

  1. Chris

    I’d be active, but being English and relatively new to the game, maybe not that good. Let me know if you have a space open up, or someone needs a minor league manager :)

  2. Dave, I am a Texan – I suppose I am also American 😉 – and I am not so good at OOTPB, so you should not worry too much!

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