Patch 12260

If you haven’t played OOTB 2006 using patch 12260, then please shut up about the problems in the game. Please. Go ahead and complain that version 12260 should have been the release version, or that rain outs no longer occur, or that you (still) don’t like the interface.

Otherwise, be quiet. Stop posting nonsense in various forums. And enjoy the game.

I did a quick check of the player development before starting an additional ten year sim and a second round pitcher was in the top five in ERA in 2037. There were still a majority high first rounders, but one low first rounder was in the top five. Hitters were all over the place. A sixth round pick was in the top five in average.

So before you take into account the various moans and groans, be sure to find out whether the person who seems so insightful about OOTPB 2006 is playing patch 12260. I don’t know yet if the game is 100% perfect, but it is much closer today than it was yesterday.


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