Double Standard

William Abner is taking a close look at PureSim 2007 over at the Blog for the Sports Gamer. He’s making some good observations about the game’s mechanics, but the most interesting thing he writes is:

“Now, if this were OOTP people would be screaming from the rafters. To me, this is equally as messed up as what OOTP does. To outright cut this guy is completely bonkers.”

I’m glad I am not the only person that notices a double standard that seems to be applied to everything called Out of the Park Baseball within the text gaming community. If something is broken in OOTPB, people are outraged, hair is pulled out of scalps, teeth are gnashed, and the world seems to be coming to an end. Similar problems crop up in other text baseball games, and good old [insert Shaun, Clay, Tom, etc.] will fix it.

There just isn’t the same level of stupidity associated with the reactions to other text baseball games.

My favorite idiot is the one who feels that he would have made the difference over the incompetent OOTP beta testing group. This special idiot is the one with magical powers. His list of problems would force Markus and Sports Interactive to bend to his will, for his problems would NEVER be ignored when a gaming company was choosing between releasing a game and fixing all of the bugs.

Where were these idiots when PureSim was in earlier incarnations with all of its fun AI issues? Where are they in the Baseball Mogul forums?

The lunacy and volume of OOTPB complaints is just something I cannot understand, given the state of other less complained about products. I’m happy that I am not alone in this confusion.


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