Oops! 24 Hour Blunder

In what was a major oops, I forgot that today is LeMans day! What did you expect with a birthday party for my 4-year old, World Cup, the Dawgs in the CWS, and a crazy work schedule. Not to mention that my Orlando Dolphins of the JOBL ran away with their division, which was good for my first ever division title in an online league! I cannot give myself too much credit; I took over a pretty decent team last year.

So back to LeMans. I doubt I will get to watch much today, there is just too much going on, and I am going to be scheming hard to watch this thing while hosting Nathan’s birthday party. Like I said, this one pretty much slipped up on me, so I have no idea who I have to pull for with American interests. I am damn curious to see how the diesel powered Audi perform.


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