Speaking of good reviews …

I have been lamenting about a lack of good review sites, so I have to throw out some recognition to deeko. I know nothing about the folks that run this site, how long they have been around, or what their slant is on the world of gaming. I do know that the layout of the site pretty much sucks, but I found some of their PSP reviews via GameRankings.

It is hard to find good reviews these days, and I am not ready to go flowery on deeko, but they seem to do a good job of covering enough detail in their reviews to tell me specifically if I will (or will not) enjoy a game. A good example is their Colin McRae Rally review. I have been playing this one for a while, and while I seem to get better and better, the game is flat out hard. After reading the review at deeko, I now wonder if all my struggles have to do with a poorly implemented analog module, and not with deteriorating gaming skills (although that is still a strong possibility).

Anyway, it is not always hard-ass 24/7 around here; credit where credit is due. BTW, for a sneak-peek at my next post (later tonight or tomorrow), check out deeko’s review of Pinball Hall of Fame, which is a game that I am absolutely loving. Second BTW, Best Buy has the game for $19.99.


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