PS3 Ouch

Everyone figured it was going to be expensive. Maybe not 3DO expensive, but still a pretty penny. $499 for the base unit? I think I am going to have to pass on this one. I say that as if I will really hold back …

Will anyone actually purchase the base unit for $499 when all the good stuff will be available in the $599 unit?

As it turns out, a little examining of Sony’s announcement press release reveals the $499 model will lack support for Memory Sticks, SD and Compact Flash cards, no built-in Wi-Fi and will surprisingly have the HDMI output removed (necessary for achieving the much bragged about 1080p screen resolution).

The reality of the situation is that it will cost $599 to get in the door, and that is without thinking about the bundles that every store will cash in on in order to reserve a PS3 at launch.

I will have more to say about this later, but first I have to see what is actually going to be available before I can even comprehend how much a PS3 purchase will cost come November.


3 thoughts on “PS3 Ouch”

  1. I can’t see that price point as being successful here in the U.S. Sony is either going to have to lower the price, or settle for 3rd place, IMHO. Especially, considering that even if "BluRay" becomes the format of choice, I think it’s 4-5 years away from being in the mass market. It took even Cd’s a few years to catch on.


  2. Kevin, I agree 100%. $299 is the mass market price point that sales systems, not $600. I know I do not need a new system that much, and I assume many other long time Sony console owners are also going to sit this one out.

    360 is not an option for me because of its price point. It is not like I cannot come up with the money for the system (or the PS3), but what is the point when there are so many better ways for me to drop half a thousand?

  3. You should think yourselves lucky – the price point for the 60gb model in the UK is 425 – that’ll be about $775-800 in your terms.

    Thanks Sony – now get lost.

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