NFL Network

On a disappointing note, I just added a digital sports tier to my digital cable setup, but I am not getting the NFL Network. This pretty much sucks because the only reason I added the sports tier was for the NFL Network; ESPN News was an added bonus. Mediacom, my previous cable company, did not carry the network, but apparently Charter does carry the channel. Sort of; well maybe, at least some of the time.

For some reason Charter is showing ESPN Classic in place of the NFL Network during the off season. Charter email support tells me that the NFL Network is seasonal. Not sure WTF that means the NFL is a year-round league, especially now with the NFL Scouting Combine going on, followed by FA signing period and the draft.

I guess the local Charter affiliate decided it was cheaper to give me ESPN Classic twice because no one cares about the NFL off season. I guess I should be happy that I will get the channel when the games start, since the NFL is adding a decent number of games this season, but it is still a very disappointing turn of events.


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