“Because Mike Vick told me to”

What’s wrong with this picture (from the Falcons 36-17 win over the Saints last night)?

On third-and-goal from the 2, Vick scrambled to his left and appeared to be pushed out of bounds near the 1. The officials spotted the ball at the 1, but Mora called for the review.

“Because Mike Vick told me to,” Mora said. “He said ‘Challenge it, we’ll win it.’ You listen to what No. 7 says.”

The officials ruled the run was a touchdown after replays showed Vick kept his leg in bounds as he flew over the pylon with the ball in his hands. [Source: Yahoo! Sports/AP]

I love Vick as much as the next guy – I own the official shirt, I run around with Vick like ants in my pants in Madden Football, and I even believe all the “Vick is a different sort of quarterback” philosophy mumbo-jumbo crap. No, really, it is all true.

See, what had happened was …

Vick is a special athlete, but I do not think it is wise to say he is a special quarterback. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, but not today. I love how Vick can be a dangerous weapon on the ground as well as in the air when he hurls bullets for passes as he rolls out dodging defender after defender, but that is part of the problem. Until Vick learns how to put some touch on his passes, and until Vick improves him completion percentage, Vick will continue to impress us as a special athlete, but not necessarily as an elite quarterback.

Not that it matters. Lucky for us Falcons fans that Mora has it all figured out if Vick tells you to do something, you damn well better. Seriously, we all know that outrageous signing bonuses and 100 million dollar contracts are reasons enough to “listen to what No. 7 says.”

But I do love me some Vick. Honest.


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