PSP, Internet, and Memory Stick PRO Duo Sale at Target

I have been stuck with the default 32MB PRO Duo Memory Stick that was included with my PSP. It has not been a big deal I have no need to put media on my PSP, and there has been ample room for my game saves.

I have been doing the various internet hacks to go on the web, but I finally decided to upgrade to the 2.0 firmware so I could get the built in browser and the various assortment of other upgrades included in the 2.0 firmware. Too bad I could not upgrade because I had to have 20MB free for the download. That was sort of a major ouch.

Yesterday I almost purchased a 512MB stick, but decided I did not want to spend the requested $79.99. Lucky for me Target has SanDisk 512MB Pro Duo memory sticks on sale for $57.77. Very nice. They only had one left at the local Target this morning; not sure if there was a run on these puppies or if Target did not have very many in stock prior to today’s sale.

At this point, I do not have much in the way of comments on the browser. More to later after I have some time to dig around with it to check out the included features. It looks pretty decent bookmarks are included as are options to manage cookies and temporary files (I could be mistaken on the last two … need to investigate).

This week should be pretty good – Madden is on the way, and I am going to pick up Namco’s recent collection of classics. I also need to pick up an extra battery – I am going to be in Scotland for 10+ days in three weeks, so I should have plenty of time to dig into Madden and some of my other neglected PSP games.

To be honest my PSP has not been getting any love, but neither have GC or PS2 except for NCAA Football 2006. This is more a function of lack of free time vs. the quality of the PSP, but it is not as if the PSP has a killer lineup.


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