$60 Next Gen Games

I have read that next generation games may cost $10 more on average (i.e. $59.99), but I really did not expect it to happen. Too bad, but it looks like it is coming if gamestop.com is any indication. I just too a look at their PS3 and Xbox 360 game listing, and there was sticker shock staring me in the eyes.


One thought on “$60 Next Gen Games”

  1. It’s really up to the consumers. Average sales prices for games have been falling. If a game doesn’t sell big right away, it does get discounted after a few weeks.

    Games are like movies now. Releases are slotted relative to other games from the same publisher and relative to competing titles. So if they don’t perform in their release slot, they eventually get discounted to make shelf space for newer titles.

    If consumers go hog wild and snatch up these games no questions asked, then they will see more aggressive pricing.

    We’re at the point in this generation’s cycle that games are being used as loss leaders by some retailers. Despite no competing NFL product, some retailers had Madden for $40 or even $37 during release week.

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