USA Wins Big – 24 Hours of Le Mans Heroes

For the first time in 30+ years a US based team has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans! The US owned Audi R8 Champion Racing team was first to take the checkered flag in what should be considered a wonderful achievement for the US. Corvette Racing (the Corvette C6-R looks awesome) also managed to finish 5th and 6th overall; good for 1st and 2nd in the GT1 class.

I do not know enough about sports car racing to really make any sort of intelligent commentary about this year’s race (plus the US Grand Prix is about to start; hopefully), but suffice it to say, that I am proud of the our achievements today!


3 thoughts on “USA Wins Big – 24 Hours of Le Mans Heroes”

  1. I was pleased to hear the Star Spangled Banner at the podium ceremony as well. However, the American content of this team is simply the organization and the management. Audi no longer fields a factory team, so the lead effort using the excellent Audi R8 was placed in the hands of the Champion racing team of the US. Winnng LeMans is never a small accomplishment, but it’s nothing like th e 1967 victory by Ford with Gurney and Foyt.

    The Corvette team is an elite unit. I loved Doug Fehan’s (‘Vette Team Manager) comment about how the Astons were fast and that LeMans usually goes to the swift: "I might agree if the race were 10 hours"…hehe.

    Ron Fellows is my favorite racing driver, and though his car finished 2nd in GT-1, a Corvette victory is better than not, in my house anyway. Another 1/18th scale diecast I’m going to have to go out and buy……

  2. Geoff – I understand your point about the winning team not being a "real" American team (i.e. no US drivers), but they are an American based team.

    I just realized that the GT2 winning team does have an American driver.

    I have never collected diecast cars, but the C6-R looks great, and it seems to be holding up well against the awsome C5-R.

  3. Much as I’d have preferred to see Allan McNish winning, it’s a great achievement for Tom Kristensen. 9 Le Mans starts, 7 wins…scary.

    The quickest car outright finished 2nd, but that’s not what Le Mans is about. Champion Racing have demonstrated that more than once in years past, being the fastest Audi out there and hitting trouble, which must make the victory all the sweeter.


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