Raining Beer? What does that say about me?

I love the new Miller Lite – “It is raining beer” commercial. Great stuff! Speaking of great stuff, I am not sure if anyone got my “tighten up the graphics” refernece from a few posts back. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you need to check out this link that I stumbled across via the new last referrals list section on the right-hand side of the site. The commercial is too damn funny!

I am not sure what that says about me, but I enjoy good commercials, 80’s music (thank you VH1 Classics!), the O’Reilly Factor, I still love to read D&D books, the first song I downloaded for my iPod was “Voices Carry” (‘Till Tuesday), I think 50 Cent kicks arse, and I still do not own an Xbox because it does not rule as much as the PS2. I am not sure what the hell that says about me, but I am a die hard Bulldogs fan, I love the Falcons, and I have followed the Braves since the Biff Pocoroba days. I have several Star Trek DVDs, Seinfeld is my favorite series, I never made it big with my Net Yaroze!, and I think it would be cool to own a hobby shope that specializes in tropical fish. In short, I walk alone.

What bothers me? Work; cannot say much since folks from work read this blog, which is hard to believe, but never the less true. iTunes does not have very much in the way of a Corey Hart selection, which is something that I think sucks in a big way. Jacko gets off when everyone knows he is a perv; plus he should no longer be called “the King of Pop.” Other stuff bothers me, like I am almost (but not all the way) attracted to Kelly Clarkson; that really bothers me for some reason. Plus I still remember the lyrics to White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) by Grandmaster Flash, and I never come close to doing that sort of thing. But I think I may get laid tonight, so it is all good.


5 thoughts on “Raining Beer? What does that say about me?”

  1. Has it been raining beer in your living room this evening?! :-)

    I agree with about half of your post, LOL… especially Kelly Clarkson! However, even though I’m not a big fan of rap music, I just don’t get the whole fiddy cent thing. The guy is monotone, and he totally sounds like he’s going through the motions. I’ve heard other rappers that have a little emotion in their rap, like they mean what they’re saying. Fifty cent sounds like he’s reading children’s books, or something. Oh well, to each his own!

  2. Kevin, not too much beer … actually the Miller Lite commercial is funny because it is raining … and since other lite beers are watered down, guys think it is raining beer. I guess you have to see it.

    I was just in one of the moods, and while the post was funny to me at the time, I guess it ends up sucking the next day, oh well.

    I was just trying to "share" a little me with the world.

    And the whole Kelly Clarkson thing still bothers me this morning.

  3. Sunglasses At Night, JC? Your taste is impeccable.

    If it helps, in Kelly Clarkson’s new video I found her attractive every other shot, and I’m almost attracted to Kelly Osbourne. There’s always someone worse off…

    Funniest thing I’ve read for a while, mate, thanks.


  4. Sunglasses At Night is a great song; I always wanted my hair to be as "cool" as Corey Hart’s, but I could never pull it off. Oh well, that is another what does that say about me momment.

    I am not going to go near the Osbourne/Simpson thing …

  5. …and for that I love you, Sir. I tend to not touch it with a bargepole myself. It bothers me just a little.

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