St. Louis 17 – Atlanta 47 (Final)

NFC Championship game here we come! I have written enough under the last few posts, so no need to recap tonight.

So do Falcons fans pull for the Vikings, so the NFC Championship game can be played in the Dome? Or do we pull for a TO-less Eagles team, and a road game? As dangerous as the Vikings are when Moss is on top of his game, I have to pull for them so Atlanta can have the NFC Championship game at home. Of course that will open up a huge revenge factor for the Vikings (I am sure they are still bitter over 1998).

Before the game (several posts down) I predicted a 27-17 Falcons victory. I got the seventeen part right for the Rams, but I was off by a whopping twenty points for the Falcons. I should be ashamed!

Go Falcons!


2 thoughts on “St. Louis 17 – Atlanta 47 (Final)”

  1. That was a pretty impressive win. I thought the Rams had a good shot at an upset this week. I’m not a Falcons fan, but please keep either the Vikings or Eagles out of the Super Bowl – I can’t stand either team.

  2. I am biased (homer and all that), but it was easy to call a win if Vick put up 100+ yards and the defense put some pressure on Bulger.

    Seriously, when Vick is allowed to "do his thing" – good things happen. That was the reason I said 100+ yards was the key, because one of those would be a huge run, which was the correct call.

    Vick has a great arm and all that, but right now he is not a West Coast QB. Maybe one day, but he will not be able to run like that forever. I doubt the Vikings can match up on D, but the Eagles would be a little scary.

    Either way, the Falcons are in the NFC Championship game, and I am happy!

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