SEC Roundup – Week 2

Saturday, September 04, 2004 – Ah, I love this time of year. Since I have to get the “honey-do” list out of the way, I will jump right in and get the 2004 season started.

Kick off starts in a little less than five and a half hours when the Dawgs take on Georgia Southern. I expect the Dawgs led by David Greene and true freshman running back Danny Ware to roll to an easy 33 to 13 victory.

In other predictions, the fighting Cocks from South Carolina will get plucked by Vanderbilt in a close tussle. Yes, I am the dumb SOB that is predicting that the Commodores will eek out enough wins to become bowl eligible. There I said it; I feel better now.

Other upsets will play out as Ole Miss falters without Eli Manning, going down to Memphis. In another SEC embarrassment, Louisville will once again whip the Wild Cats of Kentucky.

Alabama will start off slow, but will manage to Roll Tide, Roll, away from the Aggies. Speaking of which, Utah State’s counterparts at Utah sure did spank those Aggies from Texas A&M Thursday night. As a closet Texas fan, that was fun to watch.

In other SEC clashes … really mismatches is the more appropriate description … Tennessee will easily beat UNLV, LSU will barbeque the Ducks from Oregon State [edit – another oops – if only the Beavers could kick a f’ing extra point; unf’ing believable], and the Hogs in Fayetteville will think they are something after mauling New Mexico State. Finally, Auburn will once again beat the living snot out of Louisiana-Monroe; Auburn thrashed the Indians 73-3 last year.

[Oops – forgot about those other Bulldogs at Mississippi State. They should win big over Tulane. If not, it will be a hell of a long year in Starkville.]

College football SEC style. Gotta love it!


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