Lumines: Electronic Symphony – No Platinum Update

One of the producers at Q-Entertainment has come clean about the lack of a Platinum in Lumines (Vita).

I realize that a Platinum is desirable by a lot of game players, and am looking into whether we can add one, and how much work it would take. These things are never as simple as you might think, due to submission, testing, and certification processes, but I am checking into it. I would hope that you enjoy the game regardless, but I regret this oversight. If we are able to add a Platinum, I’ll be sure to update things here, on our Facebook page, and via Twitter. Thanks for understanding.

All in all it sounds like a totally honest mistake, however I think the Q-Entertainment should spend some time and capital to correct this mistake. It is not as if I would have been able to earn the Platinum, but as a matter of principle, this should be corrected via a patch.


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