Hide The Women and Children – Here Comes The Snow

The Columbus area is expecting snow Friday: 1-2 inches of accumulation. The city will shut down – grocery stores will be raided, schools will be closed, and non essential employees will not have to report to their places of employment.

It is funny watching the panic and chaos. Yesterday my wife went to the grocery store – a planned mid-week milk and produce run. Big mistake. In anticipation of Friday’s snow, the parking lot of full, with bread and milk was flying off the shelves. Classic – have to make sure you have bread and milk on Friday before the snow melts on Saturday.

Of course we are not equipped for snow and icy roads. The city probably has a couple of dump trucks filled with sand, so if the roads become hazardous, it should make for great drama for the local media.

Come on Frosty! My how we have missed ya!


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