E3 – What about the Vita?

Another year, another E3 out of the way. I remember when E3 use to be a huge deal, but it doesn’t seem that way these days, except for having outlets such as G4TV and SpikeTV providing live coverage.

More than anything else, I am disappointed that Sony didn’t offer more focus of its fledgling Vita. Apps like youtube are coming this summer, but we already knew that pre E3. Besides, Honey Badger doesn’t have anything on Charlie the Unicorn.

Getting PSOne Classics is nice, but in reality, PSOne support should have been a day one endeavor. Instead of really concentrating on the games, Sony more or less squandered an opportunity to really refresh the gaming publics’ opinion of the Vita.

It’s all enough to piss off PlayStation LifeStyle.

Seb: Yeah, on the topic of “shit that’ll probably sell well, but isn’t of interest to a single person at E3”, why did we need to spend 10 minutes watching people ‘playing’ Wonderbook? I’m sure some kids will be able to convince their parents to buy a PS3, a Move, a PS Eye, a Wonderbook and a copy of Book of Spells, just to be able to read another J.K. Rowling book. But, I’m not one of those kids, and I don’t want to see 10 mins of it instead of proper games.

In fact, Jack Tretton said afterwards that there weren’t any more Vita games shown because they couldn’t fit anything else in…

Would a price cut really matter? Not if Sony doesn’t push the games and give gamers some confidence that Sony is willing to back its four month old system.

The lead up to E3 provided a lot of rumors that the PS+ program was going to be revamped to provide an enriched Vita experience. It was revamped, and in a very good way, but once again, Sony blew its chance to really lift up the Vita.


4 thoughts on “E3 – What about the Vita?”

  1. Seems like video game companies are imploding.

    Sony doesn’t push Vita and Kaz Hirai has been talking up how they could become players in mobile.

    Nintendo’s WiiU has 3 hours battery life and 2.5 hours recharge time?

    Then there are rumblings about Sony and MS both not going for the most powerful hardware.

  2. Yep, interesting times. If Sony is the most expensive (and they said they would never be the cheapest) they may have a damn near impossible position of defending not being the most powerful.

  3. This is why i didnt buy a vita day 1— and actually will probaly not be buying a vita at all– sony does not support there own stuff.the vita will be a flop— with just sony games for it.

  4. Flop is a little harsh – it has only been out since Feb 15 in the US. Will the trend continue or will Sony get some quality games launched for this year’s holiday season? Actually there are some quality games, but typical Sony – they have done a crap job with advertising.

    Sony is doing a great thing with the WipEout HD + Fury DLC … I actually just purchased WipEout 2048 because this is a great deal.

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