Vita – What about the games?

I know Vita sales figures (or lack thereof) has been discussed ad nauseam, but now that we are down to the wire on the U.S. Vita launch, with decisions to be made on which hardware option to order, and of course which games to pick up, I think it is fair play to throw in a couple of comments.

Japanese response (via post launch sales data) is staggering. Awful in fact. I haven’t seen anyone do an overlay of the 3DS and Vita in the opening weeks of their respective launches; that could be really telling.

Sales of Sony’s new portable fell 57 percent week-over-week, dipping below 20,000 units for the first time as it placed fourth in the hardware rankings. Since launch, weekly Vita sales have come in at 324,859 units, 72,479, 42,648, 42,915 and now 18,361.

Sony doesn’t have Mario (Kart or the tried and true platformer) or Zelda to save it. Vita needs a Monster Hunters type game (what the Japanese seem to dig), unfortunately for Sony, it is already available on the 3DS, so why would consumers double dip?

What Sony has, at least for the U.S. launch, is a handful of decent quality titles. Will that be enough for Sony to build better momentum in the U.S. (or Europe) compared to the current state of play in Japan?

I’ll probably go with 2-3 day one games, picking up another 2-3 over the next 30-60 days.

Most Likely To Purchase Day One: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hot Shots Golf, and a quality RPG (will have to wait a bit).

After My Wallet Recovers: Disgaea 3 Return, maybe FIFA 12, F1 2011 (would really like a good racer), and LUMINES Electronic Symphony. These all depend on the reviews, and how much my wallet recovers from Vita launch shock.

Looking Forward To: Gravity Rush (currently scheduled for May), which looks like a unique platforming experience. Also interested in Little Big Planet, which should give infinite gaming possibilities on the go.

For portable gaming bliss, I need 1-2 quality sports games, a great racer, a time wasting RPG, and 1-2 different types of games, and I’m a happy camper. I’ll have a good time seeing how the Vita helps me fill out my gaming library.


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