Falcons – I Damn Yard, and Why I Hate the Saints

I was going to post this last night … and then earlier today, but just couldn’t get “into it” enough to push forward.

I don’t care what anyone says about the percentages; by golly, you have to be able to get a few lousy inches … just one f’ing yard … to keep the drive alive. Only this Falcons team could not capitalize, which means they absolutely deserved the loss.

A couple of quotes worth noting from the NFC South Blog:

What I didn’t like: When Mike Smith first decided to go for it on fourth-and-inches in overtime, I liked the call. I thought it was gutsy and ambitious. After watching Michael Turner get stuffed, I changed my mind. Smith should have punted and taken his chances with his defense.

The decision was fine; the play and execution by the o-line clearly sucked.

The Julio factor: Once rookie receiver Julio Jones left the game, it sure seemed like Atlanta’s offense became stagnant until late in regulation. That shouldn’t happen. Jones is a good player, but Atlanta has plenty of other talent at the skill positions and should be able to get by without him.

I agree, and I think it further points to some poor play calling. All of a sudden, the Falcons rediscovered Harry Douglas (8 receptions for 133 yards).

Yes, I hate the Saints …
I ran out of time to post this before the Saints game, but with the loss, it just furthers the point that I really, really, hate losing to those guys.

“If you’re just kind of walking around town, fans say, ‘If you do one thing this year, just beat Atlanta,’ “New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees said. “I think that’s probably the sentiment of fans that have been longtime Saints fans, I’m sure. Maybe longtime Falcons fans say the same thing to them about beating the Saints, I don’t know.”

Exactly. This is not a recent revelation; it just so happens that both teams are solid at the same time. Hating the Saints is a lifetime commitment. Put it this way, it was more painful for me to see the Saints win their first Super Bowl, then it was for me to watch the Falcons get throttled in their first attempt.

I still say fuck Eugene Robinson; seriously, how do you not keep your pants up on the night of the Super Bowl?


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