Mel B – Week 4

As I move into week four with my Mel B workout routine, things have sort of fallen off the rails. While my weight is still down, which was part of the reason for this adventure in the first place, finding time to commit to daily jaunts with Mel B is proving difficult.

I only worked out two days last week (Sunday and Friday), which means Days 23-26 and Day 28 saw me lazy as Daisy. Thankfully I am managing a couple of non-Mel B workouts by coaching soccer. Yes, I actually run with the nine and ten year old boys.

I committed to making it until the end of August, so expect at least one more update followed by some periodic news; still working out, Trophies earned, calories burned, lbs dropped, etc.

Day 27
Today I decided to go after some medals; have not attempted any of the fitness tests yet and at some point I need to earn the Silver ‘Full House’ Trophy for getting gold medals in all the fitness tests.

Abs of Steel Test – silver medal. First and second reps of 32 were rated over 90%, but the last rep hit in the 50s because of poor camera + Move tracking. I’ll have to practice in order to see what is tracking in correctly. I don’t remember the final calorie count, however my stomach will vouch that it received a decent workout.

Fighting Fit Test – gold medal. I had one really subpar exercise because of tracking issues; however the others were obviously rated high enough to earn a coveted gold medal. This test was actually good enough to burn 230+ calories, so that was a nice bonus.

Day 22
Today I decided to go Trophy whoring. I signed up for a 40 minute Dance Aerobics workout in order to go after ‘Flash Dancer’ (collect over 350 Stars in a Dance Aerobics workout).

Two things of note. First, this was my first 40 minute Mel B workout. Second, I was not sure how much time I would need to hit the 351 mark. In the back of my mind I kept wondering (in a concerned sort of manner) if I would actually make my goal. It would suck in a big way if I came up a few Stars short.

For those keeping score at home, Mel B awards Stars based on your performance during each exercise. Score higher and you are awarded more Stars. While Get Fit tracks total Stars earned, I am not really sure what purpose they serve other than being required for the ‘Flash Dancer’ Trophy. The Stars could play a part in how fitness levels are earned, but I have not done enough research and experimenting to confirm.

For my efforts, I earned 411 Stars (Trophy ding), burned 240 calories, and got a small bump to Dance Aerobics Level 80.

I am now at 50% complete Trophy total. Happy days!


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