UGA Loses Out to OSU

When I saw the AJC heading recruit switches to OSU, I thought “Oh … well, some kid must have some nice tattoo” – I know, not nice. It turns out that the player was one CJ Curry, and the OSU in question was the Cowboys of Oklahoma St.

CJ Curry, who was UGA’s first commitment for its 2012 football recruiting class, switched from the Bulldogs to Oklahoma State on Thursday.

It was a stunning turn of events for the wide receiver from Flowery Branch High School, who informed UGA coach Mark Richt on Wednesday night. Curry had been committed to the Bulldogs since last October.


According to the poll the AJC is running, UGA fans are in denial. At “press time” 68% (1,547 votes) of fans voted that losing CJ was nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

The reality is that losing a Georgia prep star to a school outside of the state is a big deal; Oklahoma St. having a pipeline into Georgia is downright disgraceful.

The other reality is that recruiting is a crap shoot; rather rating classes is not exactly a neat and tidy process. I write about this all the time – it takes at least 2-3 years down the road to actually judge a recruiting class.

Go Dawgs!


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