Caleb King Gone; Richard Samuel Runs Again

I know I am a day late and a dollar short on these articles; blame it on my computer woes from last week. I just can’t help myself …

I doubt any team is going to take a flyer on King in the supplemental draft (whenever that occurs); maybe a team (thinking New England) that has plenty of 5-7 round picks stockpiled for future days.

These articles are just too nice; King flunked out of school, which is politically incorrect for losing one’s academic eligibility.

Because the Dawgs now find pitiful depth in the backfield, Samuel has been asked to switch positions yet again, returning to the backfield to help provide some stability, depth, and leadership.

Georgia lost its top two tailbacks of the two last seasons — Caleb King and Washaun Ealey – to academic ineligibility and transfer, respectively, since the end of spring practice. True freshman Isaiah Crowell, junior Carlton Thomas and redshirt freshman Ken “Boo” Malcome were the only remaining tailbacks on scholarship.

Did I mention that King flunked out? Ealey left after several disciplinary mishaps. Once again; these writers are too nice, but I guess they have to hold out for scoops. Or something; digressing again, sorry.

So back to Samuel. Good trooper, and all, but unless there are serious injury problems or concerns that the other backs are not going to be able to carry the load, I do not expect to see Samuel more than a handful of carries a game. If Samuel is looked to as the savior, we are facing another lost season.

Go Dawgs!


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