NCAA Football 12 – Finally Off The Sidelines

For the first time in recent memory (since NCAA Football 09 to be exact), I preordered NCAA Football. It didn’t hurt that Amazon offered a $20 promotional credit (already applied to my account). They also offered up some sort of PDF “starter guide” – have not looked at it to see if offers anything of note.

Enough of that; I happen to be home this afternoon. Strange coincidence that UPS just showed up with NCAA Football 12? Probably not …


3 thoughts on “NCAA Football 12 – Finally Off The Sidelines”

  1. After taking 3 years off for the same reasons you haven’t been playing, decided to rent this one. And glad I did. These games seem more like remakes with new rosters. That and the video stutters on mine, a problem I don’t have on any ofmy other games. That and the stuff they sell online to add on to this game. I know pretty much all games are going this route, but 25$ for dynasty help– no real add on, seems a lil (by 24.99) over the top to me. So when I return this game I’ll go back to plain 09. Not the greatest from the franchise, but the last one I bought. Really a shame ea can’t get this franchise right. I think they need to involve the guys from there NHL studio. That game has drastic improvements year in and year out.

  2. Don’t know why that posted here. I read the NCAA week 1 impressions , and left that in thus leave a comment section. But just wanted to explain why that was here

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