Sony – Welcome Back Issues

It seems that Sony just cannot catch a break. They were doomed to criticism over the hack attacks, and rightfully so on several levels. Being hacked, poor communication, not being exactly forthcoming, and so on; one nasty little cluster that has probably cost Sony a load of creditability and serious buckets of cash.

In an attempt to make amends, Sony is offering a ‘welcome back’ package that went live early today. Of course Sony, in their ongoing series of blunders, did not anticipate volume and user demand.

UPDATE: Due to high traffic on PlayStation Store, you may encounter error messages or issues. We advise you to check back a little later and try again.

Thanks Sony. Love the errors. Even if I cannot use the ‘welcome back’ games (more on that in thirty seconds), I at least would like to be able to get into the f’ing store. Not so much; really appreciate this ‘welcome back, you cannot enter the PSN store’ at the start of my gaming weekend.

Making matters just silly, the ‘welcome back’ package just could not please everyone. Some consider the free games weak; others already own much of the content. [Raises hand] One would think it would be reasonable for Sony to check previous store purchases and offer a voucher or even a discount for some other produce. That would be too much to ask.  Does everyone really have to get their ‘welcome back’ package today?  Good grief!

If I were into things like saying ‘fail’ then this one would be rather epic.


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