Scathing Buckeyes Article

Not a lot to say here, but I thought this SI article was well written, taking Ohio St. to task for stooping to the level of the SEC. I only want to point out that a two loss (now three loss) Arkansas team should not be celebrated as a top SEC teams.

Yes, I said earlier that I wanted Ohio St. to win. Actually, I just did not want Arkansas to win. In the future, I hope that writers refrain from saying that Ohio St. can keep up with the best in the SEC if they decide to use the 2011 Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas as an example.

Over the last 5 years, Arkansas has not been a significant factor in the SEC. Regular season losses year-by-year: 5 (2009), 7 (2008), 4 (2007), 3 (2006), and 7 (2005).


9 thoughts on “Scathing Buckeyes Article”

  1. College football makes me shake my head. You have a guy like Pryor who was the most-recruited QB coming out of college. I can understand him going to a big program but I doubt he developed in any way to play the NFL game.

    Same thing with Newton, running those gimmick offenses which are going to be handicaps when they go to the pros.

    Mallet is suppose to be a top prospect too but barely over 50% passing is not impressive. Locker screwed himself out of tens of millions by staying in school. He may not even be a first-rounder this year.

    It worked out for Bradford, despite staying an extra year that was a lost cause as far as winning the national championship. But all you’re doing is making more money for the school and coach. What does the player get out of it?

    Luck is suppose to be the most-ready but I think he had a big Orange Bowl because VT couldn’t cover the TE, not because he picked apart and figured out some complex coverage schemes. He’d be stupid not to come out this year.

    All these players play the game from Pop Warner to the pros because of the love of the game. But if by the time you’re being tracked as an NFL player, which can be as early as a junior in high school, you’re not thinking of your earning potential, you’re screwing yourself. Football will take a toll on your body and you have only a finite amount of time to maximize your earnings potential.

    If you’re not thinking about football money, then time to work on doing something else.

  2. I cannot remember which college it is (West Va. maybe), but Luck’s father is an AD. Maybe his father is connected enough to realize that Luck is a lock this year or next. Or maybe Luck wants nothing to do with the Panthers – lots of pressure going there because of the current NFC South QB setups. Or maybe the family has enough $ to setup a nice insurance policy … just in case.

    I am sure these guys have to balance the rest of their life vs. NFL, but there will be a lot of money on the table for Luck.

    BTW – did I mention that now OSU fans better not hold up Arkansas as an elite SEC team?

  3. I wouldn’t call it “scathing,” I’d call it pretty honest and accurate. And, I think you need to take your Hog Hate glasses off… This is year all that matters, and this year Arkansas was pretty darn good. They only lost to Auburn and Alabama, and had their chances in both games. After Auburn, who’s better? I’ll give you Alabama, but I can’t think of any other SEC teams this year that are superior to Auburn. LSU might be in the conversation, but outside of them, who else?

  4. Kevin – No doubt it was an honest article, but I stick by my scathing description, as in harshly critical and scornful. Of course you are on the record saying you wish these guys would take a hike, so I hope you do not think I am calling you out.

    At the end of the day, W/L is all that matter, which means Arkansas was good this year, however I think LSU and Mississippi St. were actually as good, if not better than Arkansas. It is all about the breaks, and Arkansas actually needed some late to beat a very down UGA squad this year.

    I am an Arkansas hater – at least I made that part clear so there was no sheep/wolf deception on my part!

    At the very end of the article, Mr. Staples references Arkansas as one of the “powers” of the SEC; that is where my objection comes into play. One good year does not make one a power broker in the SEC.

  5. Didn’t think you were “calling me out,” LOL… I agree with your last comment. The Hogs are certainly no SEC “power,” but they had a great year. I don’t think Miss. St. is better than they are.

    It was a good win for the Bucks, but I am ready for some new blood. I’ve had enough of Terelle ‘LeBron’ Pryor and his act, LOL…

  6. The one nice thing about college football is that you get new blood every year, and a complete roster turnover ever 4-5 years (ok, sometimes 6, but this is not an accurate blog or anything).

    I thought all the guys promised their coach that they would come back if allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl. I remember the day when my dad or step dad would do some serious talking behind the woodshed if I did not keep my word. Just saying …

  7. I think that Tressel probably concocted that scenario with a wink of his eye. He’s trying to preserve his image of “integrity.” The trade off is that OSU takes the bullet for the kids, they get to play in the bowl game, and if they leave the kids look bad for breaking their pledges. The senator is crazy like a fox…

  8. Oh believe me I get it, and do not blame Tressel one bit. He is just playing the game within the confines of the rules. Would be interesting to learn if this was his decision or if it came from his boss.

    To avoid making this a completely toothless punishment, Tressel said he secured a pledge from each player that he would return for next season. This was a leap of faith on the coach’s part. The players are not obligated to stay, and they have until Jan. 15 to decide if they want to enter their names in the NFL draft.

    It will be interesting to see how many of these guys stick to their word.

    Kevin, one final note, I know you fall into this camp …

    To their credit, quite a few Ohio State fans protested the decision to allow the Tattooed Five to play because it would invite the precise comparison everyone has made since the confetti flew Tuesday night. These Buckeyes didn’t want to win at all costs. They didn’t want their favorite program to stoop to a level they consider beneath it. They were overruled.

    Now back to our regular programming …

  9. :-) Back indeed…

    My final thought- I want to believe OSU plays on a higher plane of integrity than other major programs, but in my heart of hearts, I know that’s not true. It disappoints me. I’d rather be average or below and “clean” than national powers that cheat, but that’s just me, I guess.

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