Dawgs Liberty Bowl Bound?

Several sites are projecting that UGA will square off against Conference USA Champion, University of Central Florida (10-3, 7-1 C-USA), in the Liberty Bowl.

I am sure Georgia (6-6, 3-5 SEC) is not terrible excited about playing in Memphis, TN on New Year’s Eve (afternoon), however at this point they should be damn well grateful if they receive any invite. Georgia’s cause is probably helped because some other conferences may not be able to fill their allotment of teams. Regardless of where the Bulldogs play, expect to hear that Bowl Committee’s Chairperson talk about what a rare and unique opportunity it is to have a quality team such as Georgia fall into their laps. That is becoming the norm of late for the Bulldogs; hope I do not hear it again for a while!

You will also hear a decent amount of backdrop on George O’Leary, who once upon a time put out decent Tech teams to face off against the Dawgs. Should be an interesting matchup, and really, this is an opportunity for Coach Richt to get his team up, show that this year was a fluke, and take things back up a notch for the 2011 season.

I am really looking forward to watch Oregon and Auburn square off in the BCS Title Game. I have very mixed emotions pulling for the Tigers, but unless something strange happens (like Texas vs. Alabama last year), I always support the SEC. It would appear that SEC fans are rabid that way.

Once upon a time I would attempt to watch every Bowl game; doubt I will get to that point this year, but there should be some decent action throughout the Bowl season, which starts December 18. Of course with the advent of the BCS title game, with each passing year, there is a matter of indifference towards the plethora of Bowl games. To the casual fan, these other games are just meaningless. In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last. You know, you know what I’m talking about?”

At least SEC fans (yours truly included) can fuss for the next 6 weeks over Cam Newton. That should be fun.


4 thoughts on “Dawgs Liberty Bowl Bound?”

  1. How can you support that clown Cam Newton? Please tell me you’re not believing that he “didn’t know” what his dad was up to… Dirty dirty dirty!!!

    And, I’d feel the same if OSU had done this. I can’t support blatant cheating like that. Many players (including a couple from OSU) have been caught taking some extra “benefits” under the table, and I can’t recall one from any school that wasn’t suspended – deservedly so! The NCAA may give Newton a pass for $$$ sake, but I guarantee you the IRS will get to the bottom of it. Then, the NCAA will have no choice but to revoke these wins and punish Auburn. Sounds a lot like when Bowden was there… They sold their soul to the devil – and he will get his due.

  2. Hi Kevin! How said anything about supporting Cam? That is why you can click on those two Cam Newton links – no way Auburn should get off.

    Two quick points. First, it pains me to pull for Auburn; thought I made that clear. However I will because I am an SEC fan. Second, by saying that “at least SEC fans (yours truly included) can fuss for the next 6 weeks over Cam Newton” I am saying that non Auburn SEC fans (i.e. Georgia for me) are going to raise hell about Auburn and the NCAA allowing Cam to play.

    How is the Bush/USC case *that* different than the Cam/Auburn/Cam’s dad did all the dirty work case?

  3. Hey JC,

    Sorry if I came off “strong” – certainly intended to be friendly, too! :-)

    Even if it pains you, you still seem to be supporting Cam/Auburn. What I’m saying is that if Newton was at OSU, or any Big Ten school, I couldn’t support what he/his dad did. I wouldn’t support OSU if this went on there and they played him. I just wouldn’t watch – couldn’t do it…

    I don’t think it’s different at all from Reggie Bush, with the only exception being that Bush “knew” what was going on, while Cam didn’t (dubious, at best). Cam and Auburn deserve at least the same penalties (which may come in the future, hopefully).

    I appreciate that you and your SEC fan bretheren will raise some cain – hopefully it will quicken the demise of Auburn, if indeed they knew about the money (I’m less sure that Auburn paid Cam than I am that Cam knew what was going on, although I suspect that’s the case).

    Ultimately, I’m not faulting you (the fans) or the SEC, but rather the NCAA. Their ruling on this case is an absolute joke and a travesty. To me, it seems like they wanted a bigger payday with Auburn in the SEC championship game and the BCS Championship game than what they would get with TCU. Maybe I’m a “conspiracy theorist,” but this one smells rotten, to me.

  4. Let me put it another way. I in no way support Cam. As of right now there is no way to prove that he did anything wrong, but in this day an age of “I did not have sexual relations with …” we all know that 9 times out of 10 the person is lying. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Usually. Sometimes things just smolder (i.e. R. Bush case) until there is enough oxygen (i.e. evidence) to ignite the fire.

    So no, I do not support Auburn. You have to understand growing up in the South to even understand what it means to ask a Georgia fan to pull for Auburn, Alabama, or any other team. If Georgia can only win one game a year, I would want it would be those yellow and black bumble bees from ATL. Followed closely by FL and AU. I am only 45 mins away from AU … so those much like those Tide fans from last year, those darn Tigers fans are all over the place!

    With that said, it is good for the entire conference for the SEC to be on top. Of course it is not good if the teams are on top by cheating!

    Put it another way. I do not want to see the Pac-10 win the BCS … which means that I am going to go for Oregon to not win, however I think they are probably the better team, so it may not matter.

    The NCAA is a complete joke, which is one reason that each year I turn more and more of my football focus to the NFL and my Falcons. Having season tickets doesn’t hurt either. 10-2 !!!

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