Madden 11 – In Need of a Friend

I received some EA Sports propaganda over the weekend that “thanked me for playing the Madden 11 demo” and if I “shared the demo with a friend” I would receive a Madden 11 Ultimate Team Pack (and potentially unlock other exclusive content … which may just be the “free” Ultimate Team Pack).

I really enjoyed Madden 10 Ultimate Team, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to get a free pack to start of my Madden 11 deck. Silly me; after clicking on the link I was told that I have to log into Facebook.

I am probably one of the last Facebook holdouts, but I really do not intend to sign up for an account no matter the pressure from family and friends. Ah, but what about pressure from Madden 11 and free Ultimate Team packs?

To be honest over the last few months I have thought about signing up for Facebook, linking back to this site, and maybe posting some pictures to share with friends and family. In addition, networking for future employment opportunities is probably a good idea in these troubled economic times.

As I said, I have managed to hold out. It is not that I am anti Facebook or think my friends can go f’ themselves, I just do not like the social networking concept. If I want to know what my family or friends are doing, I will call them, and I hope they have the common decency to call when they come into some money, are riding a train through the Europe countryside, or happen to be getting drunk at a nearby establishment.

Will I finally give in to social networking pressures? All for the love of Madden? I am doing my best not to prostitute myself, but it sucks that my Madden 11 Ultimate Team deck will start out inferior to millions of others that are not afraid of the potential consequences and baggage that go with social networking.


2 thoughts on “Madden 11 – In Need of a Friend”

  1. There were some FB pages I wanted to follow and I entertained getting Scrabble for the iPhone which lets you play online using a FB account.

    So I created a fake one and it looked at my IP address and tried to get me to confirm my location and then offered to scan my address book.

    Said no to all that stuff and didn’t take any friends requests from strangers.

    But it kind of paid off because the 49ers have a FB page and they announced there when tickets to open practices would be available so I’m going this Saturday.

    Otherwise, I don’t even read it every day nor have I installed FB app. on the iPhone.

  2. Falcons have open practices – no tickets required, but I digress. I know I am going to have to get with the program at some point and do the FB thing … maybe I will just make a Calvert Games FB page, and put all the family stuff in a private section.

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