Incoming – Falcons Season Tickets

I received my Falcons season tickets early this week. Needless to say I am pumped, excited, and ready for some Falcons football! This is a great time of year; training camp is in full swing for the Falcons and the Dawgs will be starting their fall campaign this Monday.

This year I am moving over one section to 231, still on row 5, but closer to the aisle. I also picked up an extra ticket, with the expectation of taking all three boys to some games. My youngest is three and a half years-old, so I may be stretching it a bit, but I say start them on Falcons football early and often!

On the Falcons news front, I just noticed that Atlanta signed first round pick Sean Weatherspoon to a five-year deal early this week. No idea of the financials since they were not disclosed. It would be a miserable experience to miss on a first round pick, but I expect Weatherspoon to be a mainstay, contributing and helping the Falcons right out of the game.

Go Falcons!


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