Cannot wait for F1 2010 to arrive!

I ran across this great F1 2010 commentary [via N4G], which is an excellent developer write-up and depiction of the racing action found in F1 2010 [360 version] complete with bugs and such. Seriously, if you are a fan of F1 videogames, this is worth a read.

I recently sold my F1: Formula One Championship Edition, which looks to be somewhat collectable (well over the original list price on Amazon). I also sold GT5 Prologue, which in my opinion was a very disappointing game; cannot think of the last time I played it. I enjoyed GT4 for the PS2 much better, but alas it will not work on my new Slim; besides, my youngest son broke the game.

I decided that with F1 2010 (September’ish – hopefully) and GT5 Collector’s Edition (November 2) on the way, it was time to dump some racing games. At one point in time I would have kept both games. After all, F1 CE is “collectable” and I own all the other Gran Turismo game, but times are different. I am getting much better at rotating out games instead of sitting on them. Some value for a dust collector is better than … well, dust.


4 thoughts on “Cannot wait for F1 2010 to arrive!”

  1. You wonder if they haven’t hurt the GT franchise by taking so long to come out.

    Been 4 years and no GT game for the PS3?

    PS2 had GT3 and GT4 out around a similar point in its life.

    Great that they’re pushing technology but to hold it for 3D is a joke, trying to sell TVs that consumers aren’t necessarily demanding. Sony’s TV business must be hurting but it’s doubtful 3D will save it.

  2. Technically there have been two GT releases for the PS3 in the last 4. Gran Turismo HD Concept, which is really a demo, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Is Prologue a “real” GT5 title? Folks argue that point all the time. I would have been happy with GT4 HD …

    I am seriously considering picking up a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel; too bad I just missed the $60 rebate offer. Of all my years of gaming, and loving console racing action, I have never had a wheel. Never really had a place for one and probably still do not. I would consider it an investment for GT5, F1 2010 enjoyment, and maybe an entry into iRacing.

    Right now I could care less about 3D and 3D gaming. If I have to wear special glasses (already wear glasses/contacts 75%/25% of the time), I would have to say screw it.

    I will be in the market for a TV at some point over the next 18 months, but do not think I will be specifically looking for 3D. Best Buy had an add last weekend which put a 3D gaming experience at $100 per person for the special glasses – $500 for my family. Just not interested right now.

  3. JC, if you fancy picking up a wheel, it’d be worth keeping an eye out for a G25 too. That’s the wheel I have, and there aren’t that many differences between that and the G27 (I believe the G27 has rev counter lights on it, and it certainly has more face buttons – G25 has only two buttons on the front of it), plus G25 should be cheaper now the G27’s on the go, assuming you can find one on sale anywhere. They’re a fabulous wheel, very well made and if you give iRacing a whirl with one of those, you’ll never look back…

  4. Thanks for the heads-up on the G25. Honestly, if I am going to drop $200 on a setup (G25), I may as well go the extra $50 on the G27.

    My laptop cannot handle the LOTR beta, so there is really no hope for iRacing. If I did not invest again in Falcons season tickets, I would buy a new gaming rig, but right now I am as they say, broke, out of case, with no hope of a G27 in my immediate future.

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